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Winter to the car's three filters and oil can be replaced

Published time:2017-10-25

As  we all know, the car in the use of the most frequent replacement parts  that is "three filters": oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter. Winter is coming soon, for the car owners do not consider the change for the oil and three filter it.
First, the replacement of oil filter
Professional  car repair station to replace the oil filter, the first car into the  maintenance of parking spaces, with the lift to the car raised to  160-170cm height. Use a special oil filter wrench counterclockwise to remove the oil filter. Then  remove the new oil filter from the box and check the threads and rubber  seals on the new filter. Clean the mounting block on the cylinder block  and seal the rubber seal with a small amount of lubricant. Second, the hand installed on the oil filter, fixed and then a special tool clockwise tighten the oil filter. After installation, fill the engine with the oil level to the  specified level, run the engine for at least 3 minutes, and then check  the oil is leaked.

Third, the replacement of gasoline filter
The main function of the gasoline filter is to filter out impurities in gasoline. If  the gasoline filter is dirty or blocked, mainly as follows: when the  fuel door, the power up slowly, or get up, the car started difficult,  and sometimes to fire 2-5 times to name. At  present, most of the engine is a one-time disposable non-removable  paper filter oil filter, the replacement cycle is generally 20,000 km,  if you add less gasoline impurities, 2.5-3 million km to change a  problem is not. The filter has the arrow mark of the inlet and outlet ports.
Second, the replacement of air filters
Empty  filter is very simple to change, first with a screwdriver loosen the  tube hoop, and then release the empty filter shell on a circle of spring  clips, anti-clockwise direction will be an empty filter cover to an  angle, you can remove the cover, if that The ventilation duct on the valve compartment cover can be unplugged. Remove the air filter, the new air filter installed, and then remove all the parts back to the original position. Start the engine, listen to the air filter around there is no hissing leak, if nothing unusual, OK. In the case of