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The maintenance of the car in the end which parts need to focus on maintenance

Published time:2017-10-25

First, the first is the filter, and generally refers to the car engine filter and automotive air conditioning filter:
1. engine filter
In  order to make the engine work properly, there must be a lot of pure air  inhalation. If the air is harmful to the engine (dust, gum, alumina,  iron iron, etc.) is sucked, the cylinder, piston components will  increase the burden, ,  Abnormal wear of the piston components, and even mixed with the engine  oil, a greater wear and tear, resulting in deterioration of engine  performance, shorten the engine life. So often need to clear the dust and replace the filter to extend the life of the engine.

2. Automobile air conditioning filter
Car  air filter is designed to protect the rider, air conditioning filter  can filter out the outside air pollen, dust, harmful substances such as:  asbestos, soot, bacteria and toxic gases such as: ozone, benzene and  toluene. To  ensure the health of passengers and remove the smell inside the  compartment, while the air conditioning filter also has the windscreen  is not easy to atomize. Thus, diligent maintenance of automotive filters for vehicle life and driver health is particularly important.
Second, the brake system
The  importance of the brake system need not talk, it is every car  maintenance process will check the project, in general, the brake plate  thickness is lower than 3MM, or brake disc appears deep groove, then  must be replaced, and brake The oil is also regularly replaced, usually in 2 years or up to 40,000 km to replace once.
Third, the engine compartment is the core
Engine cabin machine car "heart" parts, it is very important, but also very fragile. Therefore, in the maintenance of vehicles, the need to carefully  check the car oil, gearbox oil, steering oil, engine antifreeze, glass  water, and in front of the brake oil; the same time, it is best to  remove the two cylinder spark plug to check.
Four lights, batteries and instruments
The  car is an important part of the car, but also wearing parts, if the  reversing lights or brake lights and other damage, then it will likely  affect the safety of driving, so each time to 4S shop car maintenance, Do a thorough check. And car batteries and dashboards do not have to say, each time to do maintenance, it is best to check it.