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Paper core air filter maintenance

Published time:2017-10-25

Air  filter is an important part of the engine, it is to ensure the normal  operation of the engine to reduce the wear and tear of the cylinder  parts to extend the life of the engine, has an irreplaceable important  role. The key to using the paper core air filter is to keep its sealing  performance and not allow the unfiltered air to enter the engine  cylinder from the bypass.

1.  In the installation, the air filter and the engine between the intake  pipe whether the use of flanges, rubber pipe connection or direct  connection, must be tight and reliable, to prevent leakage. The two ends of the filter must be installed rubber gasket, fixed air  filter cover of the wing nut can not be screwed too tight, so as not to  crush the paper filter.

2.  In the maintenance, the paper filter must not be placed in the oil  cleaning, otherwise the paper filter will fail, but also easily lead to  accident. Maintenance,  can only use the vibration method, soft brush division or compressed  air blowing method to remove the paper filter attached to the surface of  the dust, dirt. For the rough filter part, should be timely removal of dust collection parts, leaves and whirlwind, etc. dust. Immediately  every time can be carefully maintained, the paper filter can not  completely restore the original performance, the intake resistance will  increase, therefore, generally when the paper filter need for the fourth  maintenance, it should replace the new filter. If the paper filter crack, perforation or filter paper and end caps degumming and other issues, should be replaced immediately.

3.  In use, to prevent the paper core air filter was rain wet, because once  the paper core adsorption of a lot of water, will greatly increase the  intake resistance, shorten the mission. In addition, the paper core air filter can not be in contact with oil and fire.

4.  Part of the vehicle engine equipped with whirlwind air filter, paper  filter end of the plastic cover is the shroud, cover the leaves of the  air rotation, 80% of the dust in the centrifugal force of separation,  collected in the dust cup , To reach the paper filter dust for the amount of 20% of the amount of dust, the total filtration efficiency of 99.7%. Therefore, the maintenance of cyclone air filter, be careful not to filter the plastic shroud on the filter.