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Problems with the use of air filters

Published time:2017-10-25

The necessity of air cleaner
The  air contains a lot of small dust, the engine work, if these dust  impurities with the air into the cylinder, it will accelerate the  cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, valve lamp parts wear. Especially  tractors in the field and non-asphalt, cement road running operations,  or in the windy season, the air contains a lot of dust, with the air was  sucked into the cylinder, the engine will cause serious wear and tear. Because  only a small part of the dust into the cylinder can be discharged with  the exhaust gas, leaving the dust and oil mixed, but also further cause  crankshaft journal and lubrication system parts wear. At  the same time, the dust will block the air filter, so that the intake  resistance increases, inflatable capacity decreased, fuel consumption  increased. In addition, due to cylinder, piston wear, cylinder clearance  increases, but also cause increased oil consumption, starting  difficulties and other issues.

Problems with the use of air filters
1. "Yaotouhuangnao", rope tied rope tied
This  phenomenon is more common in the old machine, because the clamp is not  tight, resulting in the filter and the intake pipe or the intake pipe  and the body connected to loose, the engine work, the air filter shake,  some hand It is simply fixed with a wire or rope, will cause leakage problems,  long-term vibration, the air filter is easy to deformation damage, loss  of filtration.

2. "wear a mask", intake difficulties
Some hand in order to increase the air filter filter performance, at the entrance of the air filter gauze. With the cloth after the increase in the intake resistance, resulting in insufficient engine intake. At the same time will affect the three filter air filter, the air  rotation speed decreased, the first level of dry centrifugal filter to  lose the role.

3. lack of maintenance, wear and tear intensified
Air  filter used in the existing problems: individual players do not use air  filter; metal filter wire broken, loose, damaged, blocked or no metal  filter; center tube dirty; oil storage and filter Shells  connected to the three climbing damage or partial damage; threshing,  cover seeds, agricultural and sideline products processing and other  dusty operations, did not take effective measures; seals, pad missing,  wrong or damaged; crankcase ventilation pipe off; Oil pan oil or dirty oil, as well as too much oil or too little, or wrong oil.