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Fuel filter basic content

Published time:2017-10-25

Classification of fuel filters
Fuel filter with diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filter three categories. Its role is to filter out the engine fuel and gas systems in the  harmful particles and water to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder,  piston ring, etc., to reduce wear and tear to avoid clogging.


Diesel filter structure is roughly the same with the oil filter, there are two kinds of interchangeable and screw-mounted. But  its work pressure and oil temperature requirements are much lower than  the oil filter, and its filtration efficiency requirements are much  higher than the oil filter. Diesel filter filter using filter paper, but also the use of blankets or polymer materials. Diesel filter in addition to filter the mechanical impurities in diesel, there is an important function is the water. The  presence of water for the diesel engine fuel system is extremely  harmful, corrosion, wear, stuck and even worsen the combustion process  of diesel. Diesel oil filter system is mainly precipitated by precipitation. Or in the lower part of the filter set a precipitation chamber, or the use of a special precipitator. Whether it is the lower part of the filter sedimentation chamber, or a  special settler are equipped with a drain valve, when the water  accumulated to a certain amount of time to open the valve.

Gasoline  filter with carburetor and EFI of the points, the use of carburetor  gasoline engine, gasoline filter is located in the pump side of the  import, the work pressure is small, generally use nylon shell, EFI  engine The petrol filter is located on the outlet side of the pump and has a high working pressure, usually with a metal housing. Gasoline filter filter using filter paper, but also the use of nylon cloth, polymer materials.

The  role of the fuel filter is to contain in the fuel in the iron oxide,  dust and other solid debris removed to prevent the fuel system plug  (especially the nozzle). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable operation of the engine, improve reliability.

How the fuel filter works
General  gasoline there are a variety of impurities, the use of long-term fuel  tank will precipitate a certain amount of dirt, the above reasons will  affect the quality of gasoline. The role of the gas grid is to filter the above impurities, the fuel  tank through the gasoline cell filter to reach the engine combustion  chamber, the clean purity can be effectively protected.


Performance characteristics of fuel filter
If  the filter is installed in the fuel line, it is called an external  filter; otherwise, the internal filter is installed in the fuel pump and  fuel tank inside the filter. Where the fuel tank filter or its protective cover is generally considered to be maintenance-free.

Many of the imported fuel filters are made of Banjo FITtings. In  order to ensure the reliability of the connection seal, the same gasket  must not be used repeatedly. In addition, even with a new gasket, it  must be checked for tightness after fastening. When the fuel system needs to replace the "O" ring, it is necessary to  ensure that the "O" ring model is accurate and verify that the ring's  elasticity and hardness are appropriate.

No  circuit fuel system has only one internal filter (inside the fuel  tank), although this all-in-one pump, filter, conveyor unit is  expensive, but when the fuel delivery is blocked or When the engine performance is reduced, it must also be properly maintained and maintained in a timely manner. At the same time, it is necessary to check the failure of all fuel lines and the rupture and curling at the hose clamp.


The replacement period of the fuel filter
The  recommended replacement cycle of the fuel filter should be different  depending on its own structure, performance and use, and can not be  generalized. Most  of the car manufacturers to its external filter normal maintenance of  the recommended replacement cycle of 48,000 km; conservative maintenance  of the recommended replacement cycle is 1.92 ~ 24,000 km. If you are not sure, please read the owner manual to find the correct recommended replacement cycle.

In addition, when the filter hose appears by the mud, oil and other  dirt caused by aging or cracks, the need for timely replacement of the  hose.

Maintenance of fuel filter

Fuel  filter is a consumable, in the vehicle use process, the need for  regular replacement maintenance, otherwise it will not achieve the  protective effect of qualified. For details on the replacement cycle, please refer to the description of the individual filter suppliers.

Suggested replacement time: car every 20000 km or so.


Replace the use of gasoline filter precautions

1, the gas grid and oil cell replacement after installation, should  pay attention to the interface of the seal, alert the phenomenon of oil  spills;

2, for the air grid and air conditioning grid, to ensure that after the replacement of the overall seal;

3, love the gas grid, try to use the provisions of the car manufacturers supporting the label of gasoline.

The filter has the arrow mark of the inlet and outlet ports.


The development of fuel filter

China  filter has gone through 30 years, from Bengbu 80 years of national  testing standards set up in Bengbu to promote the rapid rise of the  entire industry, especially in Wenzhou style shine, from car accessories  to auto parts from the car to the outside There  is a qualitative leap in the internal, but the fuel filter instantly  petrol filter has not been taken seriously, he is a filter for the least  frequency, the most easily overlooked a product, petrol filter lurking  for many years, with the car Speed,  the rapid warming of oil prices, environmental transformation, skills,  environmental protection, reduce carbon emissions, gasoline filter from  outside into the built-in, from carburetor to EFI changes, built-in  petrol filter has become a trend.