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YiYang rongtian filter science and technology co.,ltd is a professional factory engaged in developing, producing, selling various type of filters, The factory is located in the Eastern District of YiYang Hig-Tech industrial zone in HuNan, covering an area of 60 acres(40000 square meters). It enjoys an advantageous geographical position 25-minutes driving from urban ChangSha, the capital of HuNan province, and with convenient transportation as it is adjacent to ChangZhang Highway.



  • Paper core air filter maintenance

    Air  filter is an important part of the engine, it is to ensure the normal  operation of the engine to reduce the wear and tear of the cylinder  parts to extend the life of the engine, has an irreplaceable important  role. The key to using the paper core air filter is to keep its sealing  performance and not allow the unfiltered air to enter the engine  cylinder from the bypass.

    1.  In the installation, the air filter and the engine between the intake  pipe whether the use of flanges, rubber pipe connection or direct  connection, must be tight and reliable, to prevent leakage. The two ends of the filter must be installed rubber gasket, fixed air  filter cover of the wing nut can not be screwed too tight, so as not to  crush the paper filter.

    2.  In the maintenance, the paper filter must not be placed in the oil  cleaning, otherwise the paper filter will fail, but also easily lead to  accident. Maintenance,  can only use the vibration method, soft brush division or compressed  air blowing method to remove the paper filter attached to the surface of  the dust, dirt. For the rough filter part, should be timely removal of dust collection parts, leaves and whirlwind, etc. dust. Immediately  every time can be carefully maintained, the paper filter can not  completely restore the original performance, the intake resistance will  increase, therefore, generally when the paper filter need for the fourth  maintenance, it should replace the new filter. If the paper filter crack, perforation or filter paper and end caps degumming and other issues, should be replaced immediately.

    3.  In use, to prevent the paper core air filter was rain wet, because once  the paper core adsorption of a lot of water, will greatly increase the  intake resistance, shorten the mission. In addition, the paper core air filter can not be in contact with oil and fire.

    4.  Part of the vehicle engine equipped with whirlwind air filter, paper  filter end of the plastic cover is the shroud, cover the leaves of the  air rotation, 80% of the dust in the centrifugal force of separation,  collected in the dust cup , To reach the paper filter dust for the amount of 20% of the amount of dust, the total filtration efficiency of 99.7%. Therefore, the maintenance of cyclone air filter, be careful not to filter the plastic shroud on the filter.


  • Problems with the use of air filters

    The necessity of air cleaner
    The  air contains a lot of small dust, the engine work, if these dust  impurities with the air into the cylinder, it will accelerate the  cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, valve lamp parts wear. Especially  tractors in the field and non-asphalt, cement road running operations,  or in the windy season, the air contains a lot of dust, with the air was  sucked into the cylinder, the engine will cause serious wear and tear. Because  only a small part of the dust into the cylinder can be discharged with  the exhaust gas, leaving the dust and oil mixed, but also further cause  crankshaft journal and lubrication system parts wear. At  the same time, the dust will block the air filter, so that the intake  resistance increases, inflatable capacity decreased, fuel consumption  increased. In addition, due to cylinder, piston wear, cylinder clearance  increases, but also cause increased oil consumption, starting  difficulties and other issues.

    Problems with the use of air filters
    1. "Yaotouhuangnao", rope tied rope tied
    This  phenomenon is more common in the old machine, because the clamp is not  tight, resulting in the filter and the intake pipe or the intake pipe  and the body connected to loose, the engine work, the air filter shake,  some hand It is simply fixed with a wire or rope, will cause leakage problems,  long-term vibration, the air filter is easy to deformation damage, loss  of filtration.

    2. "wear a mask", intake difficulties
    Some hand in order to increase the air filter filter performance, at the entrance of the air filter gauze. With the cloth after the increase in the intake resistance, resulting in insufficient engine intake. At the same time will affect the three filter air filter, the air  rotation speed decreased, the first level of dry centrifugal filter to  lose the role.

    3. lack of maintenance, wear and tear intensified
    Air  filter used in the existing problems: individual players do not use air  filter; metal filter wire broken, loose, damaged, blocked or no metal  filter; center tube dirty; oil storage and filter Shells  connected to the three climbing damage or partial damage; threshing,  cover seeds, agricultural and sideline products processing and other  dusty operations, did not take effective measures; seals, pad missing,  wrong or damaged; crankcase ventilation pipe off; Oil pan oil or dirty oil, as well as too much oil or too little, or wrong oil.


  • Filter filter replacement method

    In normal use, if the pre-filter device pressure alarm alarm or  cumulative use of more than 300 hours, that should replace the filter,  double barrel parallel pre-filter device to replace the filter can not  stop.


    Filter filter replacement method:
    1. Replacement of the cartridge pre-filter unit
    Close the inlet ball valve and open the upper cover. (Aluminum alloy type on the end of the need to use a flat screwdriver from the side of the gap gently pry open);
    b. Unscrew the sewage outfall and drain the net;
    c. Loosen the fastening nut on the top of the filter element, the  operator wears the oil-proof glove to hold the filter, and removes the  old filter up vertically;
    f.  Tighten the sewage outfall plug, cover the top cover (pay attention to  the good seal), the good fastening bolts, the upper end of the ring, The


    2, double barrel parallel pre-filter device filter replacement
    a. Close the inlet valve that needs to be replaced on the filter side  filter, close the oil valve after a few minutes, then remove the end cap  bolts and open the end cap;

    b. Open the drain valve, thoroughly drain the waste oil, prevent the replacement of the filter oil into the net oil chamber;

    c. Loosen the fastening nut on the top of the filter element, the  operator wears the oil-proof glove to hold the filter, and removes the  old filter up vertically;

    d. put on a new filter, pad the upper end of the ring (the bottom with a gasket), tighten the nut;

    E. Close the drain valve, cover the top cover (pay attention to the pad seal), good fastening bolts.
    F.  Open the inlet valve first, then open the exhaust valve, until the  exhaust valve immediately when the oil off the exhaust valve, and then  open the oil valve can be; the same way to the other side of the filter  operation.

  • Winter to the car's three filters and oil can be replaced

    As  we all know, the car in the use of the most frequent replacement parts  that is "three filters": oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter. Winter is coming soon, for the car owners do not consider the change for the oil and three filter it.
    First, the replacement of oil filter
    Professional  car repair station to replace the oil filter, the first car into the  maintenance of parking spaces, with the lift to the car raised to  160-170cm height. Use a special oil filter wrench counterclockwise to remove the oil filter. Then  remove the new oil filter from the box and check the threads and rubber  seals on the new filter. Clean the mounting block on the cylinder block  and seal the rubber seal with a small amount of lubricant. Second, the hand installed on the oil filter, fixed and then a special tool clockwise tighten the oil filter. After installation, fill the engine with the oil level to the  specified level, run the engine for at least 3 minutes, and then check  the oil is leaked.

    Third, the replacement of gasoline filter
    The main function of the gasoline filter is to filter out impurities in gasoline. If  the gasoline filter is dirty or blocked, mainly as follows: when the  fuel door, the power up slowly, or get up, the car started difficult,  and sometimes to fire 2-5 times to name. At  present, most of the engine is a one-time disposable non-removable  paper filter oil filter, the replacement cycle is generally 20,000 km,  if you add less gasoline impurities, 2.5-3 million km to change a  problem is not. The filter has the arrow mark of the inlet and outlet ports.
    Second, the replacement of air filters
    Empty  filter is very simple to change, first with a screwdriver loosen the  tube hoop, and then release the empty filter shell on a circle of spring  clips, anti-clockwise direction will be an empty filter cover to an  angle, you can remove the cover, if that The ventilation duct on the valve compartment cover can be unplugged. Remove the air filter, the new air filter installed, and then remove all the parts back to the original position. Start the engine, listen to the air filter around there is no hissing leak, if nothing unusual, OK. In the case of


  • The maintenance of the car in the end which parts need to focus on maintenance

    First, the first is the filter, and generally refers to the car engine filter and automotive air conditioning filter:
    1. engine filter
    In  order to make the engine work properly, there must be a lot of pure air  inhalation. If the air is harmful to the engine (dust, gum, alumina,  iron iron, etc.) is sucked, the cylinder, piston components will  increase the burden, ,  Abnormal wear of the piston components, and even mixed with the engine  oil, a greater wear and tear, resulting in deterioration of engine  performance, shorten the engine life. So often need to clear the dust and replace the filter to extend the life of the engine.

    2. Automobile air conditioning filter
    Car  air filter is designed to protect the rider, air conditioning filter  can filter out the outside air pollen, dust, harmful substances such as:  asbestos, soot, bacteria and toxic gases such as: ozone, benzene and  toluene. To  ensure the health of passengers and remove the smell inside the  compartment, while the air conditioning filter also has the windscreen  is not easy to atomize. Thus, diligent maintenance of automotive filters for vehicle life and driver health is particularly important.
    Second, the brake system
    The  importance of the brake system need not talk, it is every car  maintenance process will check the project, in general, the brake plate  thickness is lower than 3MM, or brake disc appears deep groove, then  must be replaced, and brake The oil is also regularly replaced, usually in 2 years or up to 40,000 km to replace once.
    Third, the engine compartment is the core
    Engine cabin machine car "heart" parts, it is very important, but also very fragile. Therefore, in the maintenance of vehicles, the need to carefully  check the car oil, gearbox oil, steering oil, engine antifreeze, glass  water, and in front of the brake oil; the same time, it is best to  remove the two cylinder spark plug to check.
    Four lights, batteries and instruments
    The  car is an important part of the car, but also wearing parts, if the  reversing lights or brake lights and other damage, then it will likely  affect the safety of driving, so each time to 4S shop car maintenance, Do a thorough check. And car batteries and dashboards do not have to say, each time to do maintenance, it is best to check it.


  • Fuel filter basic content

    Classification of fuel filters
    Fuel filter with diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filter three categories. Its role is to filter out the engine fuel and gas systems in the  harmful particles and water to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder,  piston ring, etc., to reduce wear and tear to avoid clogging.


    Diesel filter structure is roughly the same with the oil filter, there are two kinds of interchangeable and screw-mounted. But  its work pressure and oil temperature requirements are much lower than  the oil filter, and its filtration efficiency requirements are much  higher than the oil filter. Diesel filter filter using filter paper, but also the use of blankets or polymer materials. Diesel filter in addition to filter the mechanical impurities in diesel, there is an important function is the water. The  presence of water for the diesel engine fuel system is extremely  harmful, corrosion, wear, stuck and even worsen the combustion process  of diesel. Diesel oil filter system is mainly precipitated by precipitation. Or in the lower part of the filter set a precipitation chamber, or the use of a special precipitator. Whether it is the lower part of the filter sedimentation chamber, or a  special settler are equipped with a drain valve, when the water  accumulated to a certain amount of time to open the valve.

    Gasoline  filter with carburetor and EFI of the points, the use of carburetor  gasoline engine, gasoline filter is located in the pump side of the  import, the work pressure is small, generally use nylon shell, EFI  engine The petrol filter is located on the outlet side of the pump and has a high working pressure, usually with a metal housing. Gasoline filter filter using filter paper, but also the use of nylon cloth, polymer materials.

    The  role of the fuel filter is to contain in the fuel in the iron oxide,  dust and other solid debris removed to prevent the fuel system plug  (especially the nozzle). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable operation of the engine, improve reliability.

    How the fuel filter works
    General  gasoline there are a variety of impurities, the use of long-term fuel  tank will precipitate a certain amount of dirt, the above reasons will  affect the quality of gasoline. The role of the gas grid is to filter the above impurities, the fuel  tank through the gasoline cell filter to reach the engine combustion  chamber, the clean purity can be effectively protected.


    Performance characteristics of fuel filter
    If  the filter is installed in the fuel line, it is called an external  filter; otherwise, the internal filter is installed in the fuel pump and  fuel tank inside the filter. Where the fuel tank filter or its protective cover is generally considered to be maintenance-free.

    Many of the imported fuel filters are made of Banjo FITtings. In  order to ensure the reliability of the connection seal, the same gasket  must not be used repeatedly. In addition, even with a new gasket, it  must be checked for tightness after fastening. When the fuel system needs to replace the "O" ring, it is necessary to  ensure that the "O" ring model is accurate and verify that the ring's  elasticity and hardness are appropriate.

    No  circuit fuel system has only one internal filter (inside the fuel  tank), although this all-in-one pump, filter, conveyor unit is  expensive, but when the fuel delivery is blocked or When the engine performance is reduced, it must also be properly maintained and maintained in a timely manner. At the same time, it is necessary to check the failure of all fuel lines and the rupture and curling at the hose clamp.


    The replacement period of the fuel filter
    The  recommended replacement cycle of the fuel filter should be different  depending on its own structure, performance and use, and can not be  generalized. Most  of the car manufacturers to its external filter normal maintenance of  the recommended replacement cycle of 48,000 km; conservative maintenance  of the recommended replacement cycle is 1.92 ~ 24,000 km. If you are not sure, please read the owner manual to find the correct recommended replacement cycle.

    In addition, when the filter hose appears by the mud, oil and other  dirt caused by aging or cracks, the need for timely replacement of the  hose.

    Maintenance of fuel filter

    Fuel  filter is a consumable, in the vehicle use process, the need for  regular replacement maintenance, otherwise it will not achieve the  protective effect of qualified. For details on the replacement cycle, please refer to the description of the individual filter suppliers.

    Suggested replacement time: car every 20000 km or so.


    Replace the use of gasoline filter precautions

    1, the gas grid and oil cell replacement after installation, should  pay attention to the interface of the seal, alert the phenomenon of oil  spills;

    2, for the air grid and air conditioning grid, to ensure that after the replacement of the overall seal;

    3, love the gas grid, try to use the provisions of the car manufacturers supporting the label of gasoline.

    The filter has the arrow mark of the inlet and outlet ports.


    The development of fuel filter

    China  filter has gone through 30 years, from Bengbu 80 years of national  testing standards set up in Bengbu to promote the rapid rise of the  entire industry, especially in Wenzhou style shine, from car accessories  to auto parts from the car to the outside There  is a qualitative leap in the internal, but the fuel filter instantly  petrol filter has not been taken seriously, he is a filter for the least  frequency, the most easily overlooked a product, petrol filter lurking  for many years, with the car Speed,  the rapid warming of oil prices, environmental transformation, skills,  environmental protection, reduce carbon emissions, gasoline filter from  outside into the built-in, from carburetor to EFI changes, built-in  petrol filter has become a trend.